Welcome to ShelleyGoldbeck.Com

The arrogance of naming a site after myself almost convinced me not to buy the domain.

But the pragmatic marketer in me prevailed. I was surprised my name was available. I guess I’m more unique than I thought! Some folks wish they could own their name domain. All that agonizing over what I would call my brand was for nothing!

Now that the name thing is out of the way, what will you find here at ShelleyGoldbeck.com?

You’ll notice I call myself Thinker. Writer. Speaker.

Notice that Thinking comes first. For eight years I have written a blog at www.OneWomansOpinion.com where I share some of my thinking on a variety of topics.

When I started writing my blog, I began calling myself a writer. My writing career began when I was eight years old and my Halloween poem was published in the provincial scholastic magazine and read on the radio.

Over the years, I have written for business and pleasure in many media including my blog, radio, print, copywriting, songs, poems, books, and lately, writing speeches.

Finally, there’s Speaking. For seven years I have been on a journey to become a professional speaker. That included writing regularly, reading lots of books and grooming my speaking skills through Toastmasters and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

I founded Accent Reduction Company( AccentReductionCompany.com) a program designed to help people with English as a Second Language reduce their accents so they can be more productive and have happier business and personal relationships.

Most recently, I’ve become a Funeral Celebrant. Fewer Canadians have religious affiliations than ever before and they need someone to help them honour and grieve their dead. I feel called to share my skills and gifts in this field.

You’ll also notice links to my ventures and interests. Feel free to connect with me.