Recommendation from Chinook Montana Gathering

2018 was one of those years when winter seemed to hang on “forever”. The 24thgathering of the Montana Country Poets & Pickers, scheduled for April 13, 14, 15 in Chinook, Montana, fell between a blizzard the week before and the spring flood immediately after.  Four performers cancelled due to bad weather. Despite fog, ice and snow, Shelley Goldbeck from Calgary, our emcee, made the long drive to guide us through our annual event. 

Attractive, perky and enthusiastic, Shelley “works for the brand”, friendly and chatty but very firm, keeping performers within time allowances.  Also a performer, she anticipates delays and can fill “dead air” when needed.

She is adaptable, not condescending, keeps things moving, eager to learn and wants to know how she can best help.  She has no tendency to “take over”, is patient and not distracted, treats all fairly and is interested in the group and its members.

In short, given an adequate introduction to any “ground rules”, she is a very enjoyable and effective emcee and we hope she attends our gathering in the future.

Dale W. Mailand,  Secretary, M.C.P.P. Harlem Montana