Welcome Expanded!

Shelley Goldbeck

Welcome to ShelleyGoldbeck.Com

The arrogance of naming a site after myself almost convinced me not to buy the domain.

But the pragmatic marketer in me prevailed.

I was surprised my name was available.I guess I’m more unique than I thought!

Now that the name thing is out of the way, what will you find here at ShelleyGoldbeck.com?

You’ll notice I call myself Thinker. Writer. Speaker.

Notice that Thinking comes first. Then writing.

I write blogs www.OneWomansOpinion.com , www.WholeRealFood.com, and www.GrowFoodCalgary.com.

I write books: Verne the Worm is a children’s book on vermiculture and the circle of life. It is a bilingual book, English and 40 other languages.

Upcoming book projects include “50 Something and Single Again” and “Halcyon: My Family’s Trek Through Schizophrenia Caused by Medicine”.

I write poetry and songs. Buffalo Beans and Bluebells is my first CD of 11 original poems and songs.

Finally, there’s Speaking, which is (usually or hopefully!) directly related to thinking and speaking.

My journey to becoming a professional speaker has included writing regularly, reading lots of books (1100 in the past 11 years) and grooming my speaking skills through Toastmasters and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, (CAPS).

One of my speaking skills is as a Funeral Celebrant. Fewer Canadians have religious affiliations than ever before and they need someone to help them honour and grieve their dead. I feel called to share my skills and gifts in this field.

I love Emceeing events. In 2017 I hosted the Willow Creek Cowboy Gathering in Stavely, Alberta and will be returning in 2018. I look forward to emceeing the 2018 District 42 Spring Toastmasters Convention in Calgary.

I’ve recently formed a partnership with Susan Cramer, S-Squared Seminars. Our mandate is to help artists and other solo-preneurs build thriving businesses.  www.S2Seminars.ca

To see all my projects, go to www.LeyCo.ca.

Feel free to connect with me.