Custom Writing

Writing is one of my talents that I like to share with others. Here are just some of the ways you can take advantage of my writing talents.

General Writing Services: Need a killer letter of complaint? Need an article to promote a product or service? Is there someone you’d like to shower with thanks? I can help you find the right words.

Custom Speeches: Half the battle of giving a speech is choosing the right words. I can help with that. The other half is about the delivery and I can help with that too.

Custom Poetry: I have been writing poetry since I was eight years old and one of my favourite activities is to write custom poetry to celebrate life’s milestones. I’ve recently begun writing Cowboy Poetry. See link:

Custom Newsletters: A newsletter is a great way to build relationships with customers. I edited and published the Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association’s newsletter, the Barbwire Dispatch for four years.

 In 2012, I won the District 42 Toastmaster Public Relations (Herb Ashley) Award for the best newsletter of 253 clubs in Alberta and Saskatchewan. In 2013, I won it again for the best newsletter of 280 clubs. I have written for, edited, and published newsletters for most of my employers and for other groups for 35 years.

Ghostwriting: Is there a book buried in your being? Perhaps all you need is a writing partner to help get it onto paper.

Editing: Self-publishers, especially, must invest in quality editing. I read 100 books each year and I have found errors in almost every one of the 1300 books I’ve read in the past 13 years. I would love to proof-read and/or edit your book.

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