I’m at the age where people often come to me for advice. I like to help people discover their options and let them decide what’s best for them.

Marketing coaching/mentoring: I have years of experience as a marketer and I am happy to share my insights to help your business maximize ROI from your marketing. See my new project, S2 Seminars, where I’ll be coaching Visual and Performing Artists and other solo-preneurs on building their businesses. See:

Speaker coaching/mentoring: I am heavily involved in Toastmasters where I mentor others as they develop their speaking skills. I also coach clients with English as a Second Language to reduce their accents and increase their productivity and satisfaction in their relationships. See my site at

Healthy Living coaching/mentoring: I have spent several decades of my life researching, experimenting and implementing healthy lifestyle choices. See .

Business mentoring: I enjoy helping start-ups with ambitious, bright entrepreneurs at the helm. I have successfully assisted a number of young companies find resources and plan strategies.

If you’d like me to coach or mentor you, send me an email outlining your needs, timelines, why you think I can help you and why that would be a good investment of my time.

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