Professional Speaking

I love to Emcee conventions, festivals and other special events like birthday parties, weddings and anniversaries.  Such events always spark my creativity. I am known among my colleagues for my customized poems and songs to celebrate their occasions.

Here are just some examples of the topics I cover in my speeches:

“Multi-culturalism and Diversity in the Workplace” In our global economy, the reality is our workplaces are becoming more ethnically diverse than ever. Canadians are exceptionally accepting of their colleagues from abroad.  But there are problems. Language continues to be a barrier. My message is “It’s all about Communication.” I help people with English as Second Language improve their pronunciation and give their co-workers tools to help them communicate better. (Suitable for anyone who works in multi-cultural environments).

“How Sweet It Isn’t”: Sugar is everywhere and it causes/abets numerous diseases. It’s as addictive as cocaine but we wouldn’t dream of giving our children cocaine! I will share the surprising changes to my health when I stopped eating sugar (except from fresh fruit) six years ago. This hard hitting presentation will have you thinking twice about what you feed yourself and your children. See www.WholeReal to read My Sugar Story, published in the book, The Magic of Living Nutrition, by Rachel Joy Olsen. (Suitable for anyone interested in improving their health.)

The Bogs, Burnouts and Blessings of Volunteering: honouring volunteers. (Suitable for volunteer appreciation events.)

The Top 8 Over 80: Doubting Limitations. How to live life to fullest, finishing the race right to the end.  (Inspirational, motivational for any audience, especially middle-aged to 100!)

Failing Forward: How to embrace risk and learn from your failures. Rather than be beaten by failures, we can leverage them by re-framing them and seeking the lessons to apply next time. (Corporate workers (and others) seeking opportunities for growth)

Language of Leaders: Change your words, change your life. (Leaders who wish to improve how they are perceived and how their messages are received)

Funeral Celebrant:

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