Shelley In the News

Shelley Goldbeck, Keynote Speaker at District 42, Division “A” Speech Contest

Shelley Goldbeck as MC  – Take on Mental Illness; Recovery Strategies for Mental Health Event

Mental Health Event

Shelley Goldbeck Radio Interview (99.7 Sun Country)


Shelley Goldbeck – Segment 1 (99.7 Sun Country Interview)

Shelley Goldbeck – Segment 2 (99.7 Sun Country Interview)

High River Times

Shelley Goldbeck –  Cowboy Poetry Association

Shelley Goldbeck and Carla Shibley – Sight Night

Interview with Facility Calgary

Shelley Goldbeck, DTM was the District 42 Area Governor (now Director) of the Year for 2014-2015. Criteria for winning this award are stringent and it is a real honour for Shelley to receive the award from Grant Hanna, Division J Governor 2014-2015.


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