Funeral Celebrant

Shelley has been speaking professionally since 2013. In her search for a niche she discovered Funeral Celebrant, an ideal way to use her gifts and skills in the service of others.

Shelley is an outstanding interviewer, asking the right questions and listening attentively. She is an experienced story teller and she understands the importance of telling your family’s stories well.

Her compassion and creativity ensure that your loved one’s final service honours and celebrates their life.

Here is what past clients have said:

Son of a 96 year-old-woman: “I felt like you knew my mother her entire life.”

Funeral attendee: “You told the story well, just like _______ would tell it.”

“Thank you for making our Aunt _____’s service so peaceful and memorable.”

Ask for Shelley Goldbeck for a funeral service or memorial that truly celebrates the life of your loved one. Shelley is available to work at any venue for any funeral provider.

Shelley is an Insight Institute certified Funeral Celebrant. 








What are In-Sight Institute Certified Celebrants?

  • In-Sight Institute Certified Celebrants meet with the family to gather the stories and listen to the memories. The funeral experience is built around these stories.
  • In-Sight Institute Certified Celebrants spend 8 to 10 hours preparing a Celebrant funeral experience and act as a partner with the funeral director to create a funeral or memorial service that fits the family and encourages healthy grieving.
  • In-Sight Institute Certified Celebrants are prepared to create a Life Tribute that fits the person who died and his/her family. These services are not only personalized but also individualized.
  • In-Sight Institute Certified Celebrants present funerals in parks, gardens, beaches, mountains, boats, homes, funeral home chapels… whatever best meets the needs of the family

Who Needs a Celebrant?

  • Your families who identify themselves as “Spiritual But Not Religious”
  • Your families who do not have a minister or church affiliation
  • Your families who want a unique, personalized service
  • Your families who want a Life Tribute experience the evening before a liturgical service


  • Stats Canada reported in 2001 that 4.9 million people (16% of the population) in Canada declared no religious affiliation. That number is up 44% from 10 years earlier
  • Between 1985 and 2004, the proportion of adults who declared no religious affiliation or who do have a religion but don’t attend religious services increased from 31% to 43%
  • According to the 2001 Canadian census, NOTAS (None of the Above) who report themselves as “no religion” represent the second largest religious group in country, exceeded only by Roman Catholics
  • Pew Research Report estimates in 2010 eight million or 23.7% of the population are unaffiliated