Buffalo Beans and Bluebells Available for Purchase

I am pleased to announce that my CD Buffalo Beans and Bluebells is now available for purchase online.

My first CD of poetry and music is dedicated to my parents, ERNIE and ILENE GOLDBECK, who celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary,  November 26, 2017. If it weren’t for their raising me on a farm with horses, I would never have paid any attention to Cowboy Poetry and none of these poems or songs would have occurred to me.

The CD has six original poems, including Old Cowboy and Old Dog, a true story about my dad, the old cowboy, and how his dog outsmarted him. The poem, Ilene on Her, is about my mom’s dedication to my dad and their farm. Not Enough is about the cost of putting steak on the plate and Leaving the Family Farm is about retiring. Rusty and the Petunias is about a horse our family had when I was young. A fan favourite is Cowboy Cathedral about finding God in nature.

There are three original songs, Shut the Gate, Carousel Lullaby, and the title track, Buffalo Beans and Bluebells. There are also two parodies, Cowman’s Sweetheart (of Patsy Montana’s I want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart) and Up on the Hoof (Up on the Roof, as made famous by the Drifters). It also includes a cover, Wayward Wind, my dad’s favourite song.

It’s scary to share my work with the world. If you buy my CD, I’d really like to hear what you think of it.

Click here to buy on iTunes.Click here to buy on Amazon. It’s also available on other music services if you prefer to buy through those.

Click here so see the lyrics.

Click here to listen to the title track.

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